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The odyssey of tourism, Cameroun: Africa in miniature, a country to be discovered!

CAMEROON TOURISM is a tourist agency which works in the promotion of the tourist diversity of Cameroon, the valorization of the multitudes of tourist sites which has Cameroon, the facilitation of the arrival and the visit of the tourists and investors in Cameroon; in short , the bringing together of immense and rich the offers tourist Cameronian of the potential tourists and investors, by following services:
  • Reservation and Sale of the Plane tickets;
  • Reservation of Hotels;
  • Car rental;
  • Organization of Tourist routes;
  • Organization of excursions and national caravans;
  • Organization of Conferences, Seminars and leisures;
  • Airport assistance;
  • The Councils and Viability studies of Hotels and tourist sites;
  • Data-processing installation of management systems of Hotel, Bar & Restaurant;
  • Promotion, information and valorization of the tourist assets and investment of Cameroon;
  • Improvement of product quality and tourist services.

Our tourist offers INTERNATIONAL

Cameroon, Located at the hinge of the West Africa and Eastern and stretching bottom of the gulf of Guinea to the Lake Chad, Cameroon offers tourist specificities which one nowhere does not gather elsewhere in Africa in the same country: Relief, climate, fauna and flora, people and traditions. Cameroon abounds in landscapes as varied as spectacular, which always places the tourist in front of a marvellous show. It rests on a symbiosis between the sea and the desert, of the Saharan falls and surfaces, climate moderated in the south and intensive heat in north.
//Que you wanted to visit Cameroon for business, éco-tourism, or quite simply to slacken you./ Choose your tourist aspiration below:

Business tourism

The concrete for incentives for private investment in Cameroon in 5 days!

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Kingdom of chiefdoms and traditions

Has the discovery of chiefdoms and Cameroonian traditions in 10 days!

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Our NATIONAL tourist offers

The first consumers of tourism are the nationals, it is the reason for which CAMEROON TOURISM offer with the Cameronian individually, in couple, a group or family the possibility of discovering their expensive and beautiful country the Cameroon constantly of the year.
CAMEROON TOURISM gives also the possibility to the companies of offering weekends of relaxation or annual leaves to their staffs. Because, //un employed well opened out is more powerful, more profitable what results inevitably in a multilateral profitability and is effective levers for an increased performance./ Choose your tourist aspiration below:

Relaxing weekend

For your relaxing weekends and romantic stays in one of the region of your country Cameroon in 2 days!

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Annual leave or holiday

Get your annual leave and vacations in all regions of Cameroon in 18 days!

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Our religious tourist offers

In Cameroon, the State respects freedom of religious beliefs, as well in right as in practice Come to visit your religious congregation while discovering Cameroon.
No abuse nor no discrimination based on the membership, the convictions or the religious practices was announced to Cameroon. Choose your tourist aspiration below:

Christianity in Cameroon

Has the discovery of Christianity in Cameroon whatever your congregation in 7 days!

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Islam in Cameroon

Islamic model discovering distant extremes of Cameroon in 7 days!

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Our 1 day tours offers

At a time when Cameroon is on the long road towards the emergence, the Cameroonian must love his country. He must love his fellow citizens. As soon as love is at work, there are uninterrupted, into the rest as in the action. Have the love of his country, to know him.
Then, Cameroon tourism offers tours of group in schools, high schools, colleges, universities, training centres, business associations, NGOs, ministries, and other circuits of excursions to discover our dear and beautiful country Cameroon.
Surely you will ask more what your country can do for you. But what you can do for your country.
Contact us and we will suggest you excursions according to your aspirations...
Form excursion

Our offerings of SAFARI hunting in Cameroon

For lovers of sport hunting, our hunting tours are being developed to make you live unforgettable moments. Because, wildlife of Cameroon is one of the richest of Central Africa.
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Our tours Inter.

Circuit reserved for non-residents
Tourism case
Treasures and cultural diversity
Chiefdoms and traditions
Pygmies and equatorial forest
Discovery of the far North
Cultural sanctuary of KOMA
Discovery of the heights
Ocean relaxation

Our tours Nation.

Circuit reserved for residents
Relaxing weekend
Annual leave

Current events

From 15 to 30 November:
Celebrates traditional Bamoun, the festivities of the Nguon organized every two years

Ngnian ngnian
Traditional ceremony Bafoussam

Medumba Festival
Traditional ceremony Bagangte

Traditional ceremony Douala

Traditional ceremony of North Cameroon

Village show
The dance of the 45 women of the head (Extreme North)
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